The Traceelords - Sex, Money, Rock'n'Roll 2001

Requested by RUSO (A long time ago haha)

Band: The Traceelords
Album: Sex, Money, Rock'n'Roll !
Year: 2001
Genre: Heavy Metal/Hard Rock/Rock 'n' Roll
Origin: Germany

01. Daddy cool (Boney M Cover)
02. Sex, Money, Rock'n'Roll!
03. Fuckin' grow up
04. Feel like Charlie Brown
07. See you when I see you
06. Start it with a kiss, stop it with a gun
07. You're my baby
08. Bad news mum
09. My kinda girl
10. She's 24
11. All I really need
12. Lucky bastard land
Bonus Track:
13. Born to be alive (Patrick Hernandez cover)